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At present, being a RFD is a part time job as I work regular hours in Project Management.
Please bear with me if your queries are not responded to immediately. It is best to email, but rest assured I will respond.

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Wanted Good Quality Classic Rifles Especially
Lee Enfield Rifles & Enfield Spares
Martini Enfield Rifles

***Part Exchange Welcome***

We Also Specialise in the Sales & Service of all types of Lee Enfield Rifles & Derivatives.

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New Items & Updates:



Lee Enfield No4T 1945 MkIII Scope


Enfield Enforcer No 089


No4 7.62mm Heavy Barrel (Stainless) Target Rifle


No4 7.62mm Heavy Barrel (L39 Style) Target Rifle


P14 by Remington 1916 Dated


BSA Charger Loading Lee Enfield MkI*


SMLE MkIII* 1916 Regulated


M1938 Italian Carcano Short Rifle 7.35mm


6.5mm Swedish Mausers M96 & CG63

M/96 Carl Gustafas Dated 1908

M/96 Carl Gustafas Dated 1906

M/96 Carl Gustafas Dated 1900

M96 / CG63 Target Rifle

We have a large qty of P14 & Mauser Based 7.62mm Target Rifles:

From £100 with no rear sight to £300 complete with all sights

Several Are Ex-Cadet Force Rifles



Due in shortly:

Several More south African Military & Bahrain Contract SMLEs by BSA

Musgrave 7.62 Target Rifle by Fultons


Service & Repair:

Servicing Lee Enfield Rifles

Shipping Firearms:

We can send Firearms to your
designated RFD from:
£16 for Small Rifles Pistols & £20 for Large rifles.
Shipping to Northern Ireland is £56.

We ship using TNT Express.


We can put you in Contact with a specialist firearms exporter who can arrange this. If you use this service we normally arrange free delivery to the exporter for firearms purchased from us.



Lee Enfield rifles in any condition. Also spares.

Martini Rifles in .303

Military Rifles