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£80 Northern Ireland
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Herts & Essex Shooting Association

Deactivated Weapons Association

Historical Breach Loaders Association (HBSA)

Lee Enfield No7

2 off Enfield Enforcers


Snider Enfield MkIII
BSA 1871


Lithgow 1920 All Matching

BSA 1916 All matching from new
* Reserved *

Ishapore 7.62mm SMLEs


Scout Regiment Telescope
Part of the CES for No4T & L42A1 Sniper Rifles


Mauser K98
Turret Mount Sniper Rifle


Waffen SS Mauser K98
BNZ 43 Single Rune


Israeli Haganah
Mauser K98 - 7.62mm


Parker Hale M85
Sniper Rifle
Schmidt & Bender Scope


Belgian Army .22 MauserTraining Rifle

SN 195 out of a 1000 rifle contract. Receiver marked with the Royal Crown of Belgium. B for King Baudoin over ABL (Armee Bolge Leger) . This 22 trainer is a single shot built in 1952 by FN based on the Mauser model 1930, but single shot only. £1,600 Un-Issued Condition.


Pedersoli Sharps 1874
Sporting #3 - 45/70


Vickers Martini Mk1
Target Rifles £175 Ea


CMT .22
Converted Martini TARGET RIFLE
By Bonehill


.50 Ardesa Black Powder
Muzzle Loading Pistol


Armi Sport
Spencer 1860 Carbine





Webley MkV .455 Revolver
Circa 1914
Very Rare Example built from new using
Mk1 Frame
Part of a known small batch
Suitable for 7(1) or 7(3)


Large Selection of German
WW2 Era Pistols Due in

Lugers, Walther P38, FN High Powers
Walther PP & PPKs
Mauser HSc-Police

Also US Issue Colt 1911s, Inglis High Powers
Colt and Smith & Wesson
British Issue .455 Revolvers
Webley MkVI


Swiss Schmidt Rubin Bayonets

Model 1889 Bayonet £175

Model 1889/18 Bayonet (Fuller Stud) £175

Model 1899 (Bar in the Fuller) £175

Model 1914 Pioneer Bayonet £275
Only one left

Model 1918 Bayonet (K11 & K31) From £95

Please note that we will need a copy of photo ID confirming address, and that you are aged over 18 before we can dispatch these item.


German Mauser K98 Bayonet
Code S/155 for Horster
1941 Dated Scabbard
Excellent £150


Mosin Nagant M91/30 Bayonets
£30 each


Genuine K98
Single Claw Sniper Rifle


Brackets For Attaching
The .22 MkIV* SMLE Rifle
To the .55 Mk1 Boys Anti Tank Rifle





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