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Service & Repair:

Servicing Lee Enfield Rifles


Herts & Essex Shooting Association

Deactivated Weapons Association

Enfield No8 Trainer
Enfield M17 3off
No4T 1945 ** Sold
No5 Jungle Carbine
SMLE 1917
SMLE .410 Military Smoothbore

Lithgow .22 SMLE MkIV*
~~ Australian Airforce Marked ~~
*** HELD ***


Genuine Lee Speed
Sporting Rifle


Enfield Envoy
with RSAF Accuracy Test Card


Lee Speed Style
Sporting Rifle


Very Rare - Lee Enfield Carbine


Martini Henry 577/450 MkIV Rifle


Due In Shortly:

Enfield Envoy - New Condition

Lee Enfield No8

Schmdit Rubin K31 Several Available

Arisaka Type 99


German Mauser K98 - 1944 Dated
Mauser AG Oberndorf


German Mauser K98 - 1940 Dated
J.P. Sauer & Sohn


Bremmer AR15 .22lr
Excellent Condition


Taurus .38/357 Long Barrel Revolver
2015 Stainless Model

Sharps Target Rifle 45-70


Schmidt Rubin K31
*** Sold ***


Schmidt Rubin Model 1889
Obsolete Calibre







Due In Shortly:

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