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*** Please Note: I can Ship Firearms To Youre Local RFD, By Law I Must Enter Them On To You're FAC And Not The Receiving RFD ***

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We can send Firearms to your designated RFD from £20.
However by Law I must enter the firearm on to you're FAC



We can put you in Contact with a specialist firearms exporter who can arrange this. If you use this service we normally arrange free delivery to the exporter for firearms purchased from us.

Service & Repair:

Servicing Lee Enfield Rifles


Herts & Essex Shooting Association

Deactivated Weapons Association

Whitaker Special
7.62mm Enfield No4T Based
Target Rifles Less Rear Sights


BSA South Afican Military Contract


SMLE Mk III* FF Fianna Fáil Irish Markings


Clearance Bargains:

Original Browning T-Bolt
.22 Rifle Just Scuffy





Other New Items:





Stevens Model 1915 Take Down Rifle
Calibre .22


War Office Pattern Training 1906 Rifle


Polish Radom Mosin Nagant WZ48 Training Rifle
Calibre .22


Mauser HSc Pistol
Calibre 7.65mm
Early Mauser Waffenamt inspection marks


Mosin Nagant
St. Petersburg Calvary School Carbine
*** Very Rare ***

*** SOLD ***


BSA War Office 1907 Pattern Training Rifle

*** HELD ***


Remington Rangemaster Model 37
Very Early Example - Pre 1940


30 More Schmidt Rubin K31s
Some are now back from the Proof House

See Classic Military Rifles Section


FN Model 1922 (Cal 7.65mm) - WW2 German Issue
Waffenamt Marked


Mauser K98a Erfurt 1918


Kongsberg Moldel 1914 (Colt 1911)
Calibre .45 ACP / 11.25mm



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