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We Specialise In the Sales, Service & Repair of All types of Lee Enfield Rifles

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We now have a page dedicated Swiss Rifles & Bayonets for Sale

We now have large quantities of Swiss Obsolete Calibre Rifles & Schmidt Rubin Bayonets in stock:

Mauser G98 - German Imperial Arsenal Amberg - Dated 1917 - Excellent Condition

Reserved Rob K

Schmidt Rubin K31 - Date: 1940 - Calibre 7.5x55mm
Fitted with removable Diopter Target Sights made by the Bern Weapons Factory (W+F) Waffenfabrik Bern

Reserved Chris M

WANTED: All Types of Military Rifles - Martini Action Rifles - Webley Revolvers & Pistols

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We can send Firearms to your designated RFD for
£25 Mainland (Excl Highlands)
£45 Scottish Highlands
£45 Northern Ireland
However by Law I must enter the firearm on to you're FAC


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Herts & Essex Shooting Association

Deactivated Weapons Association

Historical Breach Loaders Association (HBSA)




Mauser G98 - Amberg
Dated 1917
Calibre 8x57mm
Excellent Condition

Reserved Rob K


Schmidt Rubin K31
Date: 1940
Calibre 7.5x55mm

Fitted with removable Diopter Target Sights made by the Bern Weapons Factory (W+F) Waffenfabrik Bern

Reserved Chris M

Mauser K98 - 7.62mm
Israeli Marked 7.62 barrel, Post War 7.62 marked Beech Stock, Front Sight Protector


Mosin Nagant M44
1955 Polish
- Cal 7.62x54
Excellent Condition


Pedersoli 1874 Sharps
Calibre 45-70 - Black Powder


BSA International
Mk I - Lighweight Model



Schmidt Rubin
Zfk55 Sniper Rifle
7.5 x 55mm



We have a large stock of Carcano Rifles & Carbines, recently surplussed by the Italain Caribineri

1891 Cavalry Carbines
1891 TS Carbines - All Sold
1891/24 Carbine
1891 Long Rifles
1891/41 Short Rifles - All Sold
M38 Short Rifle 7.35 calibre


Model 1891 Carbine - Gardone VT
Calibre 6.5x52 - Date: 1937

Reserved JNI


Mosin Nagant - Model 1891/30
Hungarian Model 48.M
Date: 1951



Webley, No.2 CF revolver in .320 calibre
Cirac 1909 -
Avaiable Shortly


We also have a few Webley MkVI
.455 - .22LR Conversion Units






Webley MkIV
Calibre .38 S&W
British WW2 Issue
Suitable for Section 7(3)


Ruger Old Army
Muzzle Loading Percussion Revolver
Calibre .44
Condition Mint in Original Box


Pietta - Dance 1862
7 1/2" Barrel Black Powder M/L Revolver Calibre .44

Sold JNI


Rast & Gasser M1898 Army Revolver
Issue Dates 1902 & 1918
Choice of 2


Steyr-Hahn Pistol M1912
WW1 issue - Choice of 3
- 1 left


Deactivated - Colt 1911 A1
Remington Rand - WW2
Calibre 0.45ACP



M.78. Vetterli Rifle
10.4×38mmR (Rimfire)
Obsolete Calibre



A few more Swiss 1914 Pioneer Bayonets have been added on the Swiss Rifle Page

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