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Arisaka Type 38
Koishikawa (Tokyo) Arsenal
Serial No 00612336

Commission Sale

This was originally imported by the current owner back in 1999 from the US & comes with the original catalogue detailing this rifle

The symbol of the Japanese Emperor a chrysanthemum with 16 petals is still intact

The prefix of 00 added to the serial number and the cross like mark immediately above the mum denoted it was taken from military to school use

The " B" is the Koishikawa ( Tokyo ) Arsenal barrel proof stamp ( this mark was switched to " S" at around the 800,000 s/n )

Koishikawa & Kokura Arsenal share the same symbol. The history is that in 1923 an earthquake decimated the Koishikawa Arsenal and manufacturing was gradually transfered to Kokura , this occurred from 1923 to 1935, with construction of Rifles and MGs gradually shifting from one facility to the other. Koishikawa still managed to finish the 1923 Siamese Arisaka (Type 66) rifle contract, by about 1927; and continue in part to assemble T38 Rifles and Carbines,

Nagoya was brought on stream to manufacture both T38s in increasing Numbers,and the "Kana" serial system was brought into effect.

Exactly when Kokura produced its first T38, and Koishikawa its last, will probably never be known, as there would have been exchange of "parts" between the Two sites, in the 23-35 period, as more machinery was acquired for Kokura, and production at K'kawa was wound down.

Kokura was one of the Three Cities in the "Hit List" for the first Atom Bomb run, but cloud over Kokura that morning eliminated it when the B29s were over-head....they swung away to drop on Hiroshima instead, which, whilst the location of one T99 Rifle factory, was not a major "ordnance" city like Kokura. Both Arsenals were dismantled and demolished after WW II.

Matching numbered bolt, some other numbers mis-matched

The metford style rifling is average & bore gauges at .260