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Mauser K98
bcd Code - Gustloff Werke

Calibre 8x57
Serial No 4689
Price: £950

Very Good Condition

Mauser K98 from 1944, made at the Gustloff Werke arsenal

This is one of the Russian Capture K98s, that were refurbished & put in to War Reserve in Russia

This is a nice genuine German Mauser K98 Rifle. It has the early type stock.
Adjustable rear sight and is complete with bayonet bar & early style steel butt plate.

The weapon retains some of it its waffenamt & inspectors marks and matching 4689 impressed in the stock

Matching Numbers (Electro Pencil) on bolt, trigger guard assembly & stock has the same serial number
(Post War Refurbishment in Russia)

This example still has the original factory grease on the barrel below the wood line, I have left this intact as it show its still in its
original condition from Russin War reserves

A Very Good Example of a genuine German Pre-War Dated Mauser

is in Good Condition

Recently Proofed at the London Proof House