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Webley Pryse

Calibre .476
Serial No: 10447
Price: £995

Very Good Condition

This believed to be one of the 300 that the ZAR Boer goverement bought in 1896 from W. Rawbone of Cape Town.

The serial Number is correct for the range. By 1896 these were obsolete and no longer offered for sale by Webley or The Army &Navy Co-Operative Society.

It is thought the remaining stocks were dumped in South Africa with Rawbone who had 400 in stock at the time, they had sold 100 previously and had only 300 left
that were offered to the ZAR.

This pistol was brought back from South Africa 8 years ago

A .476 (CF) Webley 'No. 4' (Pryse) revolver by Webley & Scott, No 10447
Retaining some original blued finish, the octagonal barrel with open-sights,
the left side of the breech-end stamped Webley's No. 4 .476 CF, fluted cylinder, the left side of the frame
stamped with the makers "Winged Bullet" trademark, the butt with one-piece chequered wooden grip and butt-cap with lanyard-ring

A very nice pistol, with excellent bore and matching assembly numbers throughout including the grips

Suitable for Section 7.1 or 7.3