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Brackets For Attaching
The .22 MkIV* SMLE Rifle

To the .55 Mk1 Boys Anti Tank Rifle

These are made to the original drawings and left in the white to enable the owner to tweak them to fit the individual rifle and finish paint

There was alot of work gone in into manufacturing these brackets, hence the price. This was a one off.

£300 per set

This design is for the Mk1 BOYS Rifle, the brackets may need tweaking for the later variants

Have you ever seen these brackets before ?


Click Here For More Details on the BOYS Anti Tank Rifle and The Use of the .22 SMLE

The Brackets shown on the Rifleman.org Website are the ones manufcatured by us

This is a General View, there is quite a bit more machining on the parts that is not visible in the image below