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Enfield Envoy
Royal Ordnance Factory Enfield 1969
Serial No E181
Calibre 7.62x51
Commission Sale

Palma Match Rifle set up by Fultons of Bisley for the 1970 World Championship Palma Match

"Britian came First in 1970"

This is the civillian version of the L39, rather rare on the market today.
Very good bore and nice PH5C backsight.

The Envoy has a half stocked forend using converted No8 Fore-ends & fitted with a Enfield hammer forged heavy barrel
and built on a No4 Mk2 action.

The Enfield hammer-forged barrel is fitted with Parker-Hale foresight tunnel, the receiver is mounted with a Parker-Hale 'PH5' target sight with an adjustable iris

The serial number is matching on the action, bolt & fore-end. The magazine is mis-matched.

The Palma Rifles were built specifically for that event that year when all competitors used issued rifles, for 1970 Enfield Envoys were used. The following
year in the next country to hold the match a different rifle would have been built & issued to the competitors

Extremley Rare Enfield 1 of only 66 Built in 1970