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Garate Revolver
Calibre 0.455
Serial No: 67
Price: £450

WWI British issued Spanish Garate Revolver

Not that common as most were rejected due to poor quality, this example has the Enfield Inspectors Acceptance Mark

This is the Old Pattern (O.P.) No1 MkI Pistol.

Its not clear how many were accepted but this one has a low serial number, its often stated they have no visible serial number, but a serial number is
often found inside the trigger guard and underneath the grips, this example is number 67.

The example shows little if any use & retains nearly all of its original finish

Excellent Condition Including The Bore

Suitable for Section 7.1 or 7.3

Having never had a civillian proof before, this example has just been proofed at the Birmingham Proof House