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Nazi Walther PPK Party Leader Pistol with Matching Party Leader Leather Holster
Circa 1936
Calibre 7.65mm

Extremely Rare

This is an excellent example of an all original, Walther Mod. PPK Party Leader pistol with the highly desirable and very rare
Political Leader Party grips. These PPKs were officially known as the "Honor Weapon of the Political Leaders", as these PPK pistols,
with these special grips were presented, by the Fuhrer, to high ranking Nazi officers of the NSDAP for meritorious service to the Nazi Party.

The grips themselves are a one-piece wrap around grip made from a mottled-brown plastic material, that has the distinctive large
Nazi Eagle clutching a Swastika encircled by a wreath at the top on both sides, with the balance of the grip having impressed checkering.
The left side of the slide is marked with the Walther Banner followed by the factory legend and caliber in two lines and the designation "Mod. PPK.".

The pistol itself is a pre-war commercial model with the "Crown/N" proof marks, stamped on the right side of the slide below the ejection port
and on the right side of the barrel in the chamber area. The pistol has a 60 degree safety lever, cartridge indicator pin, and lanyard loop on the
bottom of the frame. The serial number is marked vertically on the right side of the frame behind the trigger. It is complete with two blued
magazines, one with a brown plastic finger extension and the other one with the blued flat base, both are marked with the Walther banner on the
lower left side. Party Leader grips will be found on Walther PPKs in the 850,000 to 935,000 range and again in the "174,000K to 234,965K"
serial number range, clearly indicating that this example falls into the middle of the noted serial numbers.

This fantastic pistol is also accompanied by an equally rare if not rarer original "Party Leader" Walther PPK presentation leather holster.
This holster was always issued and worn with these pistols as it immediately signified to everyone that the bearer of this holster was presented
the Honor Weapon PPK. The front flap of the holster is clearly impressed with an identical large Nazi Eagle clutching a Swastika encircled
by a wreath, same as the pistol grips are. The holster is stamped on the lower front flap, with the commercial mark
of "D.R.G.M./Crossed Rifles/Akah" of Albrecht Kind, a noted holster maker throughout the war.


Excellent plus overall with 99% plus of the bright original high polished blue finish with just minor edge and high spot wear overall on the very front edges of the slide. The grips are excellent plus with nice clear sharp Party Leader insignia. The holster is in exactly the same fantastic, exceptional original condition with a nice brown color overall with a distinct Part Leader Eagle imprint on the front flap with clear sharp markings.
An extraordinary example of a highly desirable WWII Nazi Walther pistol and accompanying holste