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BSA Century
Calibre 0.22
Serial No: V2998
Price: £75

These rifles were used for target practice and also by schools, in the latter half of the 1950s, for junior cadet practice, prior to the youngsters progressing on to the Lee-Enfield No.8 and the .303"CF S.M.L.E., on the full-bore range.
This model was as typically well made and ruggeed as most Birmingham Small Arms Company small-bore rifle production.

The cost of these rifles when new was £18, the rifle remained relatively inexpensive, however the days of the Century were numbered. The Martini International had appeared in its Mk.II form by now, and the Remington 37 and Winchester 52 rifles were in their heyday - although considerably more expensive.

The Century was introduced in 1955 ceased production in 1961 (all advertising had stopped prior to 1962).
Nowadays, examples are rarely to be found and thoses normally available have been fitted with 'scopes, and occasionally with the muzzle threaded for a moderator, probably enjoying latter day use in the field to some effect.

The action of the Century bares comparison with that of the BSA Model 2 and 3 rifles of much earlier design.

The standard rifle came fitted with the Parker-Hale Model 17 rear aperture sight & the FS22 tunnel foresight. This, together with the pistol-grip and wide-forend stocking, were the main justification for describing the rifle as a Match model.

This example comes in a custom Walnut stock

A good inexpensive route of getting into Classic Target Shooting

This example is in Very Good Condition