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Carcano M.1938/43 Short Rifle
Calibre 7.92mm
1940 Dated
Serial 883

The standard Italian rifle of the Great War was adopted in 1891. It was fed with a 6-round clip. The clip was a Mannlicher design and the breech block assembly was designed by an Italian gunsmith named Carcano. While it is looked down upon by some devotees of the "finer" rifles, it was a rugged weapon
that didn't foul up easily and withstood hard treatment.

It's length was designed for an obsolete method of warfare, allowing an infantryman to fend off the lance or saber of a mounted cavalryman.

Short Rifle

Carcano M.1938/43 short rifle AKA, Moschetti TS M38 were chambered for the 7.92 mm Mauser caliber.
These rifles are were reportedly manufactured for the Italian forces still fighting alongside the Germans. Other collectors note that are conversions done for
Egypt, some of which were captured by Israel, or as direct war aid deliveries to Israel.

The most likely conclusion is therefore that at least two, maybe three different Carcano types in 8x57 IS exist; their history still remains somewhat
unclear until now. We believe this example originates from Egypt based on the type of butt markings

A nice example of a WWII Carcano Short rifle with a Good Shooting grade bore