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Schmidt Rubin K31
Date: 1946
Calibre 7.5x55mm
Serial No: 868648
Price: £550

Very Good Condition - Excellent Bore
All Matching Numbers Including the Stock & Hand Guards
Comes with an original Sling & Nose Cap

The Schmidt–Rubin rifles were a series of Swiss Army service rifles in use between 1889 and 1958.
They are distinguished by the straight-pull bolt action invented by Rudolf Schmidt and use Eduard Rubin's 7.5×55mm Schmidt–Rubin rifle cartridge.

The Karabiner Model 1931 (K31) is a magazine-fed, straight-pull bolt action rifle. It was the standard issue rifle of the Swiss armed forces
from 1933 until 1958 though examples remained in service into the 1970s. It has a 6-round removable magazine, and is chambered for the 7.5×55mm Swiss.


This example was manufactured in 1946 and one of the last manufactured with walnut stocks, which is is great good condition.

The change over from Walnut to Beech stocks occurred in 1946 at Serial No 868901

Production Year: 1946 - Serial No Range: 864651 - 880250

Serial number ranges: 520151 - 999999 Ordered by KTA for the KMV (Basically the Swiss MOD)