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Colt 1911
Russian Contract 1916
Calibre .45 ACP
Serial No: C74292
Price: £TBA

This is an extremely rare Colt Government Model Russian contract semi-automatic pistol. During the 1914-1916 time frame the Russian Army was severely short of arms and ammunition and was forced to purchase thousands of weapons from abroad based on credits that the Russian Government had negotiated with Great Britain. These credits were supported by the Gold reserves held in Russia, however all the contracts had to be placed with Great Britain on behalf of Russia. Because of this Russia was able to purchase Colt pistols through Great Britain.

During 1916-1917, Russia purchased approximately 51,000 Colt Model 1911 commercial pistols. These were standard Colt commercial models that did not have any specific Russian acceptance proofs, however the left side of the frame is marked in Cyrillic letters "ANGL. ZAKAZY", which roughly translate to "English Orders". These pistols fall into the serial number range of "C23000 to C89000", with this example being later in the production run.