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Beretta M1934 Pistol
Date 1939
Serial No: 740385
Calibre .380ACP / 9mm Short (Corto)


Excellent Condition - Good Bore

The Beretta Model 1934 is a compact, semi-automatic pistol which was issued as a standard service firearm to the Italian armed forces beginning in 1934.
It is chambered for the 9 mm Corto, more commonly known as the .380 ACP.

Pistols made during the Fascist Era are marked with their year of manufacture in two forms: the conventional Julian date in Arabic numerals and the date in the Fascist Era in Roman numerals. The Fascist calendar commenced on 28 October 1922, so a pistol from 1937 may carry either "XV" or "XVI" as its Fascist year.

Pistols used by the armed forces usually exhibit acceptance marks stamped into the frame on the left just above the grip: "RE" (Regio Esercito) for the army, "RM" (Regia Marina) for the navy, or "RA" (Regia Aeronautica) for the Air Force. Police pistols may be marked "PS" (Pubblica Sicurezza)

This is a nice example of the Beretta M1934 pistol, manufactured in 1939.

Inspected & accepted in to military service at the FAG (Fabbrica Armi Guerra) Arsenal in 1939 Marked: FAG 39

Marked RE for used by the Italian Army

Authorisation Section 5 or FAC Heritage Pistol 7(3)