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Belgian FN High Power Pistol
Calibre 9mm
Serial No: 0473
Price: £700

FN Browning High Power – Rare Danish Contract

The procurement negotiations were in process between the Danish Military & FN during the period 1939-1940.

At the same time In 1939 Denmark signed a 10-year non-aggression pact with Nazi Germany but Germany invaded Denmark on 9 April 1940 and the Danish government quickly surrendered.

The Danish contract placed in 1940 specified a tangent sighted pistol with slot to accept a shoulder stock. With a modified rotating lanyard ring that would not interfere with the shoulder stock. This was to be placed directly behind the magazine well. This however did interfere with the ejection & insertion of magazines.

The original contract was not delivered due to World War 2, Post War once manufacture had commenced once again in Belgium, the contract was finally delivered in 1946.

The original specification was never built due to WW2, the pistol delivered was similar to the Inglis No2 MkI*, with fixed sights and no slot for a shoulder
stock, the rotating lanyard swivel was placed on the left side of the grip so it would not interfere with the magazine.

The Danish contract was delivered at the pivotal point in FN production where the pistol was going through several design changes, which included
the hammer assembly, different diameter barrel cam pin and cam slot in barrel, including mods to the safety, which caused interchangeability issues
between parts.

Denmark purchased approximately 1700 pistols on the 1946 contract, which can be easily identified by the Factory
applied markings “M.1946 H.V.” followed by the serial number.

“M.1946 H.V.” – Model of 1946, Haerens Vabenarsenal (Army Weapons Arsenal / Royal Danish Arsenal)

The slide has the Hammerli Inspectors name and other parts have the "A" in a square inspectors marks including the orginal magazine

An interesting variant for Collectors of High Power Pistols.

Very Good Condition

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