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Price: £1,500

A rare 1945 dated example complete with an original Norwegian military Holster

A 1945 Dated Norwegian Military Model 1914 Kongsberg Colten (Colt 1911) 11.25mm (.45 ACP) Semi Automatic Pistol. Sn 11689:15 - 11689:15
The Kongsberg Colt is a nickname used for Colt M1911 pistols produced under licence by the Norwegian factory Kongsberg Vaapenfabrik.
When the U.S Military adopted the Colt .45ACP M/1911 the Norwegians adopted a new design Colt M/1911 for their military in 1913.
The pistols were produced at Kongsberg Vaapenfabrikk in Norway.

The pistols were used during WW2 and nearly all were taken into military service by occupying Nazi German forces.

Occupation production:

1940 = approx. 50 pistols
1941 = approx. 4099 pistols
1942 = 3154 pistols
1945 = 920 pistols

During the German occupation of Norway (1940–1945), manufacture of the pistol, given the designation Pistole 657(n),was continued under German control.
The Waffenamt acceptance mark (WaA84) was added in 1945 and only those 920 pistols produced that year were ever Waffenamt-marked.
It's not likely that any of these Waffenamt-marked pistols ever saw any action during World War II as the first one, serial# 29615, was delivered March 29, 1945 and the last one, serial# 30534, was delivered on 5 May 1945 just before liberation of Norway

This example is one of the 920 manufactured in 1945, and is one of a very small qty of the 920 that doesnt have Waffenamt marks