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Webley RIC
Calibre .455
Serial No: 102395
Price: £500

The success of the Webley firearms company was in no small part due to the existence of the RIC.
In 1867, Philip Webley launched a new compact revolver design, which was to achieve recognition throughout the world and remain in production for more than 60 years. Webley secured a contract to supply his weapon to the RIC in January 1868, a stroke of good fortune which ensured the financial success of the company, and established it as the foremost supplier of personal firearms to the Government and Colonial Forces for years to come.

The revolver was of the 'solid frame' variety, a sturdy and heavy piece. Most commonly found in .450 and .455 calibre, it was designated the 'Royal Irish Constabulary Pattern', and was stamped with the letters R.I.C. on the frame, along with the Webley logo and patent number.

In the Army & Navy catalogue 1884 they advertised the Model 83, which differed from the earlier examples, it still had the 2.5" barrel as the Model 82 but displayed a fluted cylinder.

The model 83 was the longest enduring of the Webley solid frame revolvers and was still being offered for sale by Webley & Scott in 1939.

The .455 Model became accepted as the weapon for official use.


This is a late example and dates post WW1
Excellent condition retailing most of its original blued finish

The left side of the frame has the W&S Winged Bullet, Webleys RIC Model/83, Calibre .455, 5-Shot.

The trigger guard has two tapped holes, their use has not yet been determined

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