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A 1943 WW2 issued Sniper / Scout Regiment Telescope


** Commission Sale **

These were still in service till the 1980s as part of an L42A1 kit.

This is a very nice indeed - by which I mean fully functional and everything in serviceable order - single power 25 x 3 draw Ex UK MoD Scout Regiment Telescope with sun shade as used by snipers and included in the standard "Complete Equipment Schedule" for the No4 (T) and L42A1 kit / snipers chest. It was manufactured in 1943 by the Kodak Eastman Company (KEC) for the UK military.

The scope itself is in very good order, fully functional and clear. It has obviously been well maintained by the REME as it has nice tight draws.

The case is a tight fit (they made them too short for the telescope for some unaccountable reason I have never discovered) and the leather is in very good order with nice signs of age and use.

The outer brown original wartime hard crinkle coat on the body of the scope is 90% there - with only one patch missing where one suspects they scrapped it off to allow it to be mounted onto a scope stand. The draws are still well blued for its age.

n short a nice honest example of a WW2 Scout Regt Telescope.

Thanks for looking, and good shooting!