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Enfield Enforcer
UK Police Sniper Rifle
Serial No 300
Calibre 7.62mm
Price: £3K

Matching & in Very Good Order.

Ex Kent Police

Procured by Kent Police 14th June 1974

This exmple still retains its original scope numbered to the rifle

There were around 767 manufactured by Enfield, not all were assembled.

Police forces purchased Enforcers depending on their budgets at the time; some purchased complete kits including target sights & Pecar scopes,
other purchased basic rifles, and then purchased the scopes etc as their budgets allowed.

A few original Enforcers were surplused in the late 1990s the rest approximately 50% were destroyed by the individual Police Forces.

This is a Genuine Police Issued Enfield Enforcer serial number 300; it is matching on the action, bolt, magazine, fore-end & scope

The barrel is original as it bears the “Patent Applied for” mark only found on genuine Enforcers and the bore is in good condition.

The Enforcer Sniper rifles are rarer than No4Ts & L42A1s rifles because of the small quantities manufactured (767) and around 50% were destroyed.