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Colt 1911 A1
Remington Rand
Calibre 0.45ACP
Serial No: 904165
Price: £1,500

Good Condition

A desirable original US Army Colt 1911 A1

GHD inspectors mark on the frame for Brigadier General Guy H Drewry who was responsible for inspection of Remmington & Ithaca Frames

At some point this pistol ended up at the US Ordnance Rock Island Armoury

RIA marked = Rock Island Armoury - FK Inspectors Stamp = Frank Krack

The frame is also marked "LEAD" for Letterkenny Army Depot.

Remington Rand only manufactured the M1911A1 .45 caliber semi-automatic pistol Between 1942 - 1945

Originllay held for humane dispatch hence the small vent hole in the barrel & on top of the slide

Just Been Deactivated