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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1897 Kadet Rifle
7.5 x 53.5mm
Obsolete Calibre.
£595 - Sold

By 1893 the Vetterli Cadet Model 1870 Rifles was in short supply. Consequently it was decided to build a new Cadet Rifle,
based on the Model 1889 design.
Adopted in 1898, the single shot Model 1897 Cadet Rifles fired a cartridge with a powder charge that had been reduced by approximately 10%
for the smaller stature cadets. The reduced load produced a muzzle velocity of approximately 1670fps, as compared to the standard round which
produced a muzzle velocity of approximately 1900fps.

In order to accommodate both standard GP90 ammunition and the cadet round, the rear sight has two sets of graduations.
The left side of the sight was graduated for the GP 90 cartridge, while the right was graduated for the cadet round.

These were only were manufactured in single shot.
Total Production of 7987


This example is in Very Good Condition, but does has some loss of finish in areas, very good bore and totally all matching.
The original sling is a little dry & would benefit from Leather Dressing.

Uncommon Cadet Rifle in Good Condition

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