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Swedish Mauser Model 41B
Carl Gustaf

Calibre 6.5x55mm
Date: 1916
Serial No: 394554
Price: £2000

Excellent Condition

This is an example of an earlier type pattern Model 1896/41 sniper rifle that is fitted with the late production improved scope mount and Ajacks scope.

Originally manufactured at Carl Gustaf factory in 1901.

This series was the last and final version of the Model 1896 sniper rifle that was still in use until after WWII; however, it was held in war reserve until the 1970/80s.

The rifle is fitted with the late pattern improved short side rail with the correct two alignment pins and the three base screws. The front edge of the base has the late provisions of the front stop and adjustment screw only used on the very late production/upgraded sniper rifles.

The short side rail pattern mount is stamped serial number (394554), and it is fitted with its matching short side rail scope mount.
The mount is fitted with the last upgraded pattern German Ajacks 4X scope.

The scope is complete with a set of reproduction leather lens caps. The rifle has the standard military style blade front sight, and the rear sight is the standard pattern.

All the parts are blued to include the bolt, and it is fitted the full length military stock and short handguard. The right side of the buttstock has the small brass bore condition plate.

This example looks genuine, unlike other sniper rilfes its hard to be 100% sure

The rear sight is the standard M96 type, and not the correct standard sniper sight. Leather Lense Caps look mint & probably reproduction.

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