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Russian Mosin Nagant M38
Dated: 1943
Calibre: 7.62x54
Serial No TT6191

Very Good Condition - With a Good Shooting Grade Bore

In 1938 a carbine was adopted as the "7.62 mm Carbine, Model of the Year 1938", commonly known as the M38, but did not go into production until 1939.
It is essentially a shorter version of the M91/30 and was built at Izhevsk until 1945. There was limited production at Tula in 1940 and again in 1944.

M38 production began at Izhevsk in 1939 and continued through 1945.

Being manufactured in 1943, it has a high wall receiver

The stock, (War Time Pattern in Birch Wood) is is in really nice condition with various arsenal & inspectors markings.

Muzzle has been counterbored which is standard practice at overhaul both in Russia & Finnland


*** Note: The correct Variation for a Mosin Nagant is "7.62" or "7.62x54". A variation for a "7.62/308" is Not Valid For Mosin Nagants ***