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Walther Model 4
Calibre 7.65mm
Serial No: 144520
Price: £450

This example is a rare Imperial Germany Naval Marked Example

The Walther Model 4 was manufcatured between 1910 & 1928 and was their first successful Pistol

It was used by the Kaiser Wilhems Imperial Military Forces

The Model 4 is a relatively simple handgun of blowback design, with a fixed barrel, an external extractor, and a concealed hammer. Its most unusual feature is that (like its predecessor the Model 3) its extractor and ejection port are on the left. The barrel acts as a guide for the concentric recoil spring, which is held in place by a bayonette-type lug that covers the front of the barrel, and by a sleeve at the rear which also serves to cover the spring. When the slide moves rearward, it forces the trigger bar down, disconnecting it from the sear. The safety is a rotating thumb lever that positively locks the cocked hammer. Most safeties have a checkered thumb-grip circle, but a few have circular grooves. There is a screw on the backstrap of the grip that regulates the tension of the flat hammer spring. The gun is slim and elegant, well-balanced, fitsthe hand very nicely, and points instinctively.

It is also reasonably accurate.

Suitable: Section 5 / Section 7.3