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Colt New Service
Calibre .455
Serial No: 115617
Date: 1916

Price: £650

British Military Contract

Marked to: R P O Barrett R.F.A. (Royal Field Artillery)

Richard Pascal Ouvry Barrett
Commisioned as a 2nd Lt 24th September 1616 - Royal Field Artilley - Later Royal Horse Artillery.

This is one of the British contract pistols manufactured in 1916, has Enfield Inspectors & Sold Out of Service marks.

This would have been purchased by Barrett at the time of his commission in 1916 direct from the Goverment Ordance sales.

His original rank of 2nd Lt engraving on this pistol has been removed, probably as a result of a later promotion

Suitable for Section 7.1 or 7.3



The Colt New Service was introduced in 1898. It was an up-sized and strengthened Colt Model 1892 and Colt Firearms first large caliber revolver with a swing-out hand ejector cylinder. It was made in the popular large caliber revolver cartridges of the day: .38-40, .44-40, .44 Russian, .44 Special, .45 Colt, and .455 Webley.

British .455 Webley Model

In 1899 Canada acquired a number of New Service revolvers (chambered in .45 Colt) for Boer War service, to supplement its existing M1878 Colt Double Action revolvers in the same caliber.

In 1904/5 the North-West Mounted Police in Canada also adopted the Colt New Service to replace the less-than satisfactory
Enfield Mk II revolver in service since 1882.

New Service revolvers, designated as Pistol, Colt, .455-inch 5.5-inch barrel Mk. I, chambered for the .455 Webley cartridge were acquired for issue as "substitute standard" by the British War Department during World War I.
British Empire Colt New Service Revolvers were stamped "NEW SERVICE .455 ELEY" on the barrel.

The Colt New Service was a popular revolver with British officers and many of them had privately purchased their own Colt New Service revolvers in the years prior to World War I as an alternative to the standard-issue Webley Revolver.

This example is in Excellent Condition - but has a small chip to the right hand grip

Suitable for Section 7.1 / 7.3



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