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Siamese Mauser
Type 46
Calibre: 8x52R Siam
Serial No: R007
Price: £650

Very Good Condition

** Type 45 Rifle - Calibre 8x50R **

The overall appearance of the earlier Type 45 Siamese Mauser is that of a pretty typical Mauser with the addition of the sliding dust cover, which must be manually opened prior to use.

Siam began searching for a new rifle in the early 1900’s. After looking at the various existing Mauser designs, they selected the various features they had liked best in a Mauser rifle as well as including the dust cover design from the Japanese Type 35. While Siam would have liked Mauser to have built the rifle design they came up with, Mauser at the time had its plate full with large contracts for both Germany and Turkey. Looking for an alternative manufacturer, Siam found that the Imperial Japanese Army Tokyo Arsenal was willing to take up the manufacturing of this new rifle.
Siam officially adopted this new rifle late in the 121st year of the Rattanakosin Era (early 1903).

Siam contracted with the Imperial Japanese Tokyo Arsenal for an initial order of 20,000 rifles (serial numbers 1-20,000), and later ordered an additional 20,000 rifles.

When Siam contracted the second batch of 20,000 rifles (serial numbers 20,001-40,000) there were some slight changes made to the design.These changes were made due to the Japanese-sourced wood having an inherent weakness that could lead to the stock splitting.

The designation Type 46 applies to more than just the rifles from this second contract.
As Type 45 rifles were damaged it was common to rebuild them to the newer Type 46 pattern, so they too are designated as Type 46 rifles.

** Type 46 Rifle - Calibre 8x50R **

The Type 46 rifles had several differences to the Type 45

The obvious difference was the addition of an upper-rear tang off the end of the receiver and a lower tang off of the trigger guard, very similar to what is found on the Japanese Arisaka

** Type 46/66 Rifle - Calibre 8x52R **

In 1923 (Buddhist calendar year 2466) Siam decided to modernize the cartridges they were using. Not wanting to completely replace all the firearms in the military inventory, it was decided to make only slight changes to the basic 8x50mm cartridge so the existing firearms could relatively easily be modified to fire the new cartridge. What they came up with was an 8x52mm rimmed cartridge by adding .02” in length before necking down and fired a 180 gr. Spitzer bullet.

With the introduction of a newer cartridge, Siam began modifying the Type 46 and earlier model rifles for use with the new cartridge. This involved two main changes: reaming out the chamber slightly so the new cartridge could be chambered and grinding down the rear sight ramp to match the ballistic trajectory of the new round.

Very Good Condition - Including The Bore