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Swedish Mauser Carbine
Converted for Brazilian Police
Calibre 7x57mm
Serial No: S1212
Price: £450

Very Good Condition

This is very unusual and came in with a collection of Brazilian 7mm Mausers.

Its a standard Swedish Mauser Carbine converted in Sweden to 7mm for the Brazilian police

There is very little known of Brazilian adhoc contracts, there was also 5,000 Mauser–Vergueiro rifles, chambered in 7×57mm Mauser, produced in 1906 for Brazil's Federal Police, using leftover components from the Portuguese order and issued in the cities of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

I have stripped the rifle & the barrel has a matching serial number and Swedish imspectors marks.

The brass marking disc is missing, however I can fit a brass disck if required, I have left the rifle in the "as found condition"
in case this is how they should be historically.

On the whole a very nice looking rifle and worthy of further research.