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Mauser Kar 98az
Calibre 8x57mm
Serial No: 476
Price: £1,000

** Commission Sale **

Very Good Condition - Matching Numbers - Original Sling - Original leather Action Cover- Original Muzzle Protector

The original Kar.98 was adopted in June of 1902 and was produced starting in 1903. With the adoption of the new 8mm “S” cartridge in 1903 all of these Carbines were modified for the new round.
The heavy recoil and foot long muzzle flash from these modified carbines with the new cartridge lead to the suspension of production in 1905.
To fix this problem the GPK (Gewehr Prufungs Kommission) developed the Kar98a with a longer barrel and a different stock. The Carbine they accepted into service in January 1908.
This is the Kar.98az that we are familiar with today.

All Kar.98az’s were produced at Government arsenals. The Germans produced no Kar98az Carbines after 1918.
The total estimated production figure for the Kar98a from all German government arsenals was over 1.5 million Carbines.
The German arsenals, which produced the Kar98a, were located in Amberg, Danzig, Erfurt, and Spandau.

Erfurt produced an estimated total of 1,715,000 Kar98a’s from 1907 thru 1918.

The stock is the type 3, which went in to production in 1917, made from either Walnut or Beech, has the takedown washers and finger grasping grooves