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Martini Enfield
Date: 1896
Calibre 0.303

Price: £595
Very Good Condition

A nice MkI Enfield Martini Conversion

This rifle was converted at Enfield to .303 in 1896. Originally a 1879 dated MkIII Martini Henry.

Breech block is correctly converted to .303, the rear sight also has matching serial number.

The Butt has various marking including the Enfield Roundel and MkI indicating Enfield MkI.

The bore has good rifling that has some light frosting, the bore is worn and gauges right at the upper limit for wear.

Butt on the right side has the name H J Comuns & HJC on the left side.

Slightly Less Common than the MkII Martini Enfield

A Nice Collectors Example

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