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Date: 1920
Calibre .303
Serial No A86730
Price: £650

Very Good Condition

This is the standard Lee Enfield MkIII* .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by the Lithgow Small Arms Factory Australia

The Lithgow Small Arms Factory, is an Australian small arms manufacturing plant located in the town of Lithgow, New South Wales.

Opened in 1912, the factory initially manufactured SMLE III rifles and Pattern 1907 bayonets for the Australian military.

This 1920s example hasn't been through refurbishment, retains it walnut stock and not the later coachwood replacement type from WW2 or later.

Matching Serial Nos "A86730" on the Bolt, Action, Barrel, Rear Sight & Nose Cap. The butt has an un-numbered brass marking disc.

The Action & Bolt also has matching assembly numbers "B8685", these were used before the serial numbers were applied.

Fore-end has a couple of Armourers repair patches.

Action dated 1920, assembly dates on the barrel inditcate the rifle was assembled at Lithgow in July 1921

The only spoiler is the magazine which is not Lithgow.

Head Space Has Been Checked & Verified - Just Been Proofed at The London Proof House

The bore is good and refuses a .305" Guage and throat is well withing gauge