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Smith & Wesson "Victory Revolver"
Calibre: 38 S&W
Price: £395

Very Good Condition With Interesting History


Smith & Wesson Victory Revolver WW2 lend Lease for the British War Effort.

Left side orf the revolver marked "Bavaria Municipal Police"

These revolvers were re-issued after occuopation in Germany becuase the allies could control the ammunition supply, if they were to issue 9mm weapons then ammunition was readily available. They were also issued 6.5mm Carcano rifles & carbines for the same reason.
This was to reduce the risk of any troubles or uprising by the rearmed German Police under occupation

Frame Marked "United States Property" similar to the Savage No4 Lee Enfields Plus GHD Inspectors mark

G.H.D. ordnance mark on top of the frame; for Brig. General Guy H. Drewry, US Springfield Ordnance District, Army Inspector of Ordnance,
June 17, 1942 to July 15, 1945.

Correct Parkerised War Time Finish

British Issued Lend Lease Revolver - Post War Issued to the German Bavarian Police Under Occupation

Deactivated to Current Spec:

Clear Cylinders That will accept Dummy Rounds
Cylinder Rotates With Every Pull Of The Trigger
Hammer Moves But Disconected From The Trigger