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Model 1917
Dated August 1918
Calibre .30-06
Serial No: 963837
Price: £700

A Very Good example of a WWI Model 1917

This is the US military version of the P14 chambered for the .30-06 cartridge & issued to American troops in WWI. These were manufactured in the US for the American Military, where as the P14 was manufactured in the US, but in .303 calibre for British military contracts. The difference between the P14 & M17 is that the .30-06 is a longer cartridge, so the rear sight, magazine well & extractor are different. The long range volley sights were also omitted.

This specimen is in excellent original order & and still retains its original 1918 dated barrel which is in good shooting condition.

The Walnut Stock is in great condition and has clear US Ordnance inspectors marks.

The receiver has the the notch machined in and the serial number stamped on the butt, these are all characteristics of being used by the Danes.
Denmark aquired large quantities of thse rifle from Canada and machined the notch so so that the 30- 06 machinegun round, which is longer, could be
clip loaded easier in the Model 1917

Comes with a 1907 Pattern Leather Sling with brass Fittings

This rifle is in very good condition and is a great example of a 98 year old
World War I era M1917 rifle.

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