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No5 Jungle Carbine
Calibre .303
Serial No A7126
Price: £700

In Very Good Order.

A genuine British Wartime No5 Jungle Carbine dated 1944, chambered in .303 caliber.

This rifle was also FTR'd (Factory Thorough Repair) in the same year, 1945 at Royal Ordnance Fazakerley.
Its in possible to say why it was refurbished so early on.

The wood work is in good condition and is free of any cracks or splits.

The serial number dates this rifle to 1944, the "A" prefix was the first batch manufactured at Fazakerley in 44 with this rifle being number 7126

The action & barrel are painted green under the woodwork, this is standard for weapons that have been used in tropical environments.
This was done to help prevent rust & corrosion, the magazine also has traces of the same paint.

Bayonet lug is still intact, its quite common for these two have been removed if imported from Europe

Matching Numbers & Good Shooting Grade Bore

(Magazine though matched does have other serial numbers, indicating it was replaced in service)

Very Good Condition