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Finnish Mosin Nagant
Model 28/30
1938 SAKO

Serial No 55707


In 1930 the M28 was improved with a screw adjustable front sight, improved rear sight, improved bedding of the barrel and a modified magazine box to prevent rim jams. 

The M28/30 rifles were built by the Civil Guard workshop known as SAKO (Suojeluskuntain Ase ja Konepaja Oy) and have the “S in Gear” logo and the Civil Guard abbreviation “SK.Y” (Suojeluskuntain Yliesikunta) on the barrel shank. 

Some M28s were later upgraded to M28/30 specifications and a mix of features may be found on these rifles.

The rear sight is a completely new design specifically for this model. The base is a sleeve around the barrel and soldered in place with ears at the rear to protect the leaf from damage. It is numbered 2, 4, 6, and 8 on the left side representing hundreds of meters. The leaf is numbered on top with 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, and 10; on the back with 12, 14, 16, 18, and 20; and has a slot down the middle to untilize the back sight notch. The rear notch is a shallow U shape which is a separate piece screwed to the bottom of the leaf.

The front sight base has integral ears to protect the blade and is soldered to the barrel. The blade has a tail that fits inside the base and is held there by two screws which are also used for adjusting windage. A set screw behind the blade holds the base on the barrel during the soldering process and a notch in front of the blade accepts the hook of the muzzle cover.


This rifle has the correct style of stock, with a spliced fore-end & reinforced front barrel channel

I have tested this example at 100, 300 & 600 Yards and has no problem knocking down the Fig 11 & smaller Fig 12 targets at this distance using surplus ammunition.

The top of the chamber is stamped with a "D" denoting the barrel throat has been slightly lengthened to accomodate the Finnish D166 cartridge

The rear barrel band screw is a modern replacement, and not original. Handguard is a service replacement and has been converted from a earlier M27 Handguard,

A good example of a Finnish M28/30 which are rare in the UK.

The bore is good, and gauges quite reasonable to .302", but typically has some frosting.