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Mosin Nagant Model 1891/30
Ministry of Defense Issue
1926 TULA

Serial No 8619


Standard Model 1891/30 Rifle - Matching Original Bayonet

MO is beleived to be the Russian abbreviation for "Ministerstvo Oborony", or Ministry of Defense.
The Defense Ministry was established in a merger of the Military and Naval Ministries
(Voennoe Ministerstvo, Voenno-Morskoe Ministerstvo, "BM" and "BMM").

A very nice example complete with an original sling and a good shooting bore made at Tula in 1926.

*** Very Rare To Find Matching Bayonet ***

As the 7.62 x 54 Russian has the same dia bullet as the .303 British I have used the same gauge standard. All bores refuse to accept the .305" gauge which
means they have nice tight bores well within the British Military Standard for the .303 Round which is .307/8"
This example gauges at .3030"

All have shooting grade bores and have matching serial numbers.