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Calibre .303
Serial No M80839
Price: £550

Very Good Condition

This is one of the early WW2 MkIII .303 SMLE rifles manufactured by BSA.

Being a late date for a SMLE, it wasnt long after this BSA reverted its resources to building the Lee Enfield No4 Mk1

Matching numbers on bolt & action

Originally a British Issued rifle after the losses of Dunkirk, and some time during or just after the war ended up with the Canadians

This is one of the 1000s of rifles we re-armed the Italian Army & Navy with, most of which remained in storage until recently

There are various Italian Arsenal Marking on the Butt & Barrel which denote:

Military marking for the Italian Arsenal at Terni - Fabrica Armi Terni (FAT)

This rifle is in Good Original Military Condition with a Good Bore measureing .304"

These are genuine Military Surplus rifles in service condition that have not been messed about by civillian gunsmiths etc.
They all have handling marks that is part of their history and military use.

If you are looking for a new condition all matching rifles these are not for you, if you want a rifle that is historically honest and service
original this may fit the bill.

Most of the SMLEs from the Italian Navy have an interesting history, at some point during WW2 they have been used by the Canadians
which is quite common as all weapons were pooled in the various theatres of war hence each nation went home with the same number of weapons, they might not
be the same weapons, this is how a lot of Lithgow rifles eneded up with British Troops.

After the war when the Allies re-armed the Italians, they were given large stocks of SMLE & No4 Rifles by the Canadians.

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