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Lee Speed - Commercial
Charger Loading Lee Enfield MkI*
Converted to .22
AJ Parker
Serial No: DD605 13150
Price: £1,400

This is an exceptional C.L.L.E MkI* Converted to .22 by Alfred JParker

Alfred J. Parker & Co. Ltd. Conversion to .22, some time from 1925 onwards when he set up on his own

This is based on AJ Parker rifling & not AG Parker Rifling

Parker Rifling was devised by AG Parker his father just after 1900, who went on to partner with TC Hale & Parker Hale was born from this & competed with AJ Parker

Most parts having a matching assembly no; 20, which would have been applied when the rifle was converted to .22

Its in the style of the Military .22 training rifle (Pattern 14 Long Rifle) approved in 1916 & converted by AG Parker & Westley Richards

The only main difference is, this rifle has the shorter barrel 25”, probably to align with the .22 SMLE conversions of the time

This rifle has the same overall length as the standard SMLE MkIII

The front magazine guard screw has been repalced by an AJ Parker sling swivel & screw, I have never seen this specific design before

Condition is exceptional & looks to be original to the conversion, which I would put in the mid to late 1920’s

This rifle is a time capsule and looks to be in the condition when it was converted by AJ Parker nearly 100 yeras ago