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Steyr Mannlicher M95
Stutzenkarabiner - Short Rifle
Calibre: 8x56R
Serial No: 827
Price: £350

Later Up-Graded in Austria to the M95/30 Stutzen

Very Good Condition

Manufactured during the time of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at the state arms factories in Steyr (Austria) and Budapest (Hungary).

The three main variants were the Rifle, Stutzen (Short Rifle) & Carbine

The Mannlicher M1895 is a straight pull bolt-action rifle, designed by Ferdinand Ritter von Mannlicher that used a refined version of his straight-pull action bolt.

By 1930 Austria began to convert most of the M95 rifles to the 8x56R M30 ammunition, using the same Mannlicher en bloc clips.
These rifles were designated as M95/30, and marked with the letter “S” on the receiver ring.
Hungary started to convert their rifles to the same 8x56R ammunition in 1931, with the upgraded rifles being marked with the letter “H” on the receiver ring.

The rifle is loaded by means of a five-round clip, which when loaded with cartridges, is pressed into the magazine of the rifle, where it is retained and acts at the feed lips of the magazine. When the last of the five rounds has been chambered, there is no longer anything retaining the clip in the magazine and it falls out a port in the bottom due to gravity.
There is a button in the front of the trigger guard which allows the user to eject a partially or fully loaded clip from the magazine when the bolt is open to unload the weapon.

The rifle is not designed to be loaded by any other means. Attempts to single feed the rifle in absence of proper clips may cause damage to the extractor as it is not designed with enough travel to overcome the large rims of the 8x50mmR and 8x56mmR cartridges used in the M1895 unless they are fed under the extractor from the clip.

It was initially adopted and employed by the Austro-Hungarian Army throughout World War I, and retained post-war by both the Austrian and Hungarian armies.

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