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Mauser Mm410
Date: Circa 1930s
Calibre .22
Serial No: 45821
Price: £750

Excellent Condition


This is a realy nice Mauser pre-war .22 sporting rifle from the German Weimar period, mounted with a Kremp Wetzlar German scope.

This scope has the post & cross wire reticule.

Sights: Interchangeable front sight with hood - rear sight stepped up to 200 meters.
Mauser banner on receiver, stock & buttplate.

Proof Marks: German "Crown over B & Crown over U" plus English proof as well.

Genuine Mauser 5 round magazine - period leather sling

The barrel is also marked D.R.P. D.R.G.M.

This is a pre World War II marking , because DRP means 'Deutsches Reichs Patent' (German Reich Patent) and DRGM means 'Deutsches Reichs Gebrauchs Muster'
(basically a copyright for the name).

** Commission Sale **

History of Kremp Wetzlar the German scope maker: https://www.kremp-wetzlar.com/en/company/history/