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Mosin Nagant - Model 1891
Serial No 84209
Date 1896

Good Condition

This is the Imperial M91 Long Rifle by the Tula Ordnance Factory
Receiver Markings Circa: 1892-1912

This example has been in Finnish Service as denoted by the original stock with spliced Fore-end, counter-bored muzzle & modified rear sights:

Finnish M91s have the same type sights as the Russians. The primary difference is the Finns remarked the rear sight bases in meters utilizing the existing notches. Occasionally an extra notch is cut at the rear of the base and is marked 2 (200 meters) as this one has. Typically the numbers are placed on the right side of the base which was left blank by the Russians, but there are lots of variations in the manner of the numbering and how the existing Russian numbers were treated.

At the time of the Russian revolution Finland was under the rule of the Tsar. When Nicholas II was deposed Finland declared its independence and defeated the Russian forces in Finland, but retained stores of arms. With an urgent need to build an army to defend itself from the real threat of Russia and many Mosins already on hand it only made sense to adopt it as the primary rifle. Between WWI and WWII Finland actively traded other types of rifles in their inventory with countries across Europe and Asia for Mosins which they had captured. The condition ranged from serviceable to “parts guns”.


*** Note: The correct Variation for a Mosin Nagant is "7.62" or "7.62x54". A variation for a "7.62/308" is Not Valid For Mosin Nagants ***