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Long Branch No4 Mk1*
Price: £550

In Very Good Condition.

Manufactured in 1945 by Long Branch in Canada

Small Arms Limited, Long Branch Small Arms Factory

The Ordnance Branch of the Department of National Defense authorised the construction of the factory in 1940. After transfer to the Department of Munitions and Supply, a Crown Corporation, Small Arms Ltd. was formed to operate the facility. By June 1941, the first five rifles had been produced. Huge quantities of British-pattern military small arms were manufactured there during the Second World War, including the No.4 MkI* Lee–Enfield bolt-action rifle, and the Sten submachine-gun (or machine-carbine).
Small Arms Ltd. ceased operations at the end of December 1945.
On the 1st January 1946, operations continued as the Small Arms Division, Canadian Arsenals Limited. The factory was finally closed in 1976

A nice Long Branch No4 with matching numbers on the bolt, action & magazine, very nice walnut furniture.
Original 5 groove barrel in good shooting condition, .

A Good Honest WW2 No4.


Long Branch Inspectors Markings