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No4 Mk2
Fazakerley 1957
Serial No A12301
Calibre .303
Price: £850
Excellent Condition.

The No4 Mk2 was approved in January 1949 and deliveries of completed rifles commenced in July 1949 and were only manufactured at the Fazakerley Royal Ordnance Factory in Liverpool. Manufacture ceased circa 1955.
There were approximately 450,000 newly made No4 Mk2s manufactured at Fazakerley. The main deference between the Mk1/Mk1* & the Mk2 is that the trigger is mounted on the action body, where previously the trigger was mounted on the trigger guard. This was to overcome problems with trigger pull. The Mk2 has a transverse screw through the rear of the forend where as the Mk1 has a tie plate. The woodwork on these was beech.

This rifle was manufactured in 1957 & retains nearly 100% of the original finish.
The original Mk1 (Singer) sight is still present. The action, bolt & fore-end have matching serial numbers.

It is stocked in beech which is in excellent condition. The fore-end has the matching serial number stamped on it.
The butt is S marked 12mm shorter than standard, and has the brass butt plate.

The trigger has the correct 2-stage pull. The bore is in very good condition and has the standard 5 groove rifling.

The 1956 & 57 dated rifles showing FTR markings are new rifles and not FTRd there is no evidence of removing previous markings they were built as new & marked FTR

The belief is these rifles were part of a fixed qty of rifles that had to be FTRd so any rifles that were scrapped were simply replaced by new rifles but the markings remained the same.