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The Belgian Model 1889 Mauser

Hopkins & Allen Arms Co
Calibre 7.65 x 53mm
Serial No: 3691
Price: £650 - Sold

Very Good Condition - Rare US Contract Example

The rifle requirements were developed through a process of lengthy trials and included, most notably, the box magazine that could be loaded by
stripper clip or by individual rounds, the barrel jacket, and the smokeless small caliber 7.65 mm cartridge.
The Mauser design was ultimately adopted by majority vote

FN was the sole manufacturer of the Model 1889 rifle in the 19th century. Belgian state arsenals started making parts in order to repair guns.
By 1913 this led to the assembly of complete rifles.

At the outbreak of war in 1914, the Belgian military was completely equipped with Model 1889 rifles and carbines. The Garde Civique was mostly using the Model 1889 rifle, although some outdated Comblain Model 1882 single-shot rifles were still in use.

Allied Manufacture
Shortages were critical during the war. Dissatisfied with available French designs, Belgian purchasing commissions started working in
November 1914 to manufacture Mausers abroad.

The Belgians found a willing manufacturer in Hopkins & Allen and signed a contract on August 4, 1915, for the manufacture of 140,000
Model 1889 rifles and 10,000 Model 89/16 carbines. Hopkins & Allen greatly underestimated the demand and cost of materials and labor in
time of war and underbid the contract. This ultimately led to its bankruptcy.
The first Hopkins & Allen rifles were completed in October 1916. These Mausers are easily identified by the “Hopkins and Allen Arms Co. Norwich, Conn. U.S.A.” marking on the receiver.

At the bottom of the the images there is an archive picture not of this rifle to show the action & barrel jacket removed