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MkV Trials Rifle
Serial No A2427
Price: £2,500 SOLD

Excellent Condition.

These unusual rifles have something of a mysterious service history, and beleived to have ended up in the colonies,
but do represent a missing link in SMLE development.

The primary distinguishing feature of the No. 1 Mk V is the rear aperture sight.

Like the No. 1 Mk III* it lacked a volley sight & had the simplified cocking piece.

The Mk V did retain a magazine cut-off, and had the additional front barrel band which was wrapped over and attached to the rear of the nose cap to reinforce the rifle for use with the standard Pattern 1907 bayonet.

Other distinctive features include a safety lever on the left side of the receiver which was slightly modified with a unique angular groove pattern,
and the two-piece hand guard being extended from the nose cap to the receiver, omitting the barrel mounted rear sight.

No. 1 Mk V rifles were manufactured solely by R.S.A.F. Enfield from 1922–1924, with a total production of roughly 20,000 rifles,
all of which marked with a "V".


Considering these rifles are now 96 years old, and having been dispered to the various colonies after the trials were concluded, used & repaired many times in service, its remarkable there are still good useable examples to shoot & collect

This example is almost; I believe mostly original, the butt is standard length, most were fitted with short butts, could of been replaced ?.

The mag cutt off according to records doesnt have a hole, however a lot of these examples do have a hole, just like this one.

The trigger guard is of the correct pattern and has an Enfield Inspectors mark close to the front trigger guard screw, there is also a BSA marking on the trigger guad as well, so proably Enfield converted existing stocks of trigger guards for these rifles.

The barrel is the original 1924 one which has a mint bore