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Italian Carcano
Moschettp Modello 1891 Per TS
Model 1891 Carbine for Special Troops
Date 1917
Calibre 6.5mm
Serial No AO5552

Very Good Condition

These Carbines were adopted the 6th of January 1900, even though production stared in 1889.

The Model 1891 TS Carbine was issued to Artillery & Engineering Units, NCO's, Alpine Logistics Units, Royal Navy, & Forestry Militia

This model TS like no other had a vast number of changes & upgrades depending on its use, this example has missed most of the changes with the exception to the early changes associated with the hand guard

Manufactured by Brescia, (aka F.N.A. Brescia) who manufcatured the TS Model between 1898-1919

Very Good Condition Shooting Grade Bore, but does have some frosting