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Mauser M1871/84 Rifle
Date 1887
Calibre: 11mm
Serial No: 2149

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This is an excellent example of the Deutsches Infanteriegewehr 71.84, better known as the German M1871/84 rifle.
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The rifle was a Mauser design and was the first magazine fed, repeating, bolt action rifle adopted by the German states. The M1871/84 was in improvement over the earlier M1871 Mauser rifle, as that gun was a single shot rifle. The M1871/84 utilized a tubular magazine in the forend, similar in design to that found on Swiss Vetterli rifles of the era. While the Swiss rifle incorporated a side mounted loading gate on the frame, much like a Winchester, the German magazine was loaded through the breech.
The M1871/84 rifle retained the Mauser bolt and safety design of the earlier M1871, and added a magazine cut-off which allowed the rifle to be used as a single shot gun, leaving the ammunition in the magazine for use when rapid fire was essential.

The rifles were produced at various German state arsenals, including Prussia’s Spandau, Danzig and Erfurt armories, and Bavaria’s Amberg armory. Waffenfabrik Mauser produced the guns manufactured for the state of Württemberg. The rifle was manufactured from 1884 through 1888 and was then replaced by the M1888 Commission Rifle. During its relatively short manufacturing lifespan, about 1 million M1871/84 rifles were produced.

With the coming of World War I, the M1871/84 again saw service with these lower priority reserve units, to free more modern weapons for use on the Western Front.


The butt plate on this example is marked: K.F.R E 4.84

K.F.R 4.84 is Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment, company 4 rifle 84. I suspect the E could be Ersatz regiment – a type of reserve regiment.

The regiment was formed on October 14, 1814 (foundation day) in Berlin from the following battalions:
· I. Pomeranian Grenadier Battalion
· II. West Prussian Grenadier Battalion
· III. Silesian Grenadier Battalion
When it was established, it was named Grenadier Regiment Emperor Franz after the Austrian Emperor Franz I. The Prussian King Frederick Wilhelm lll on December 25, 1814 named Franz 1 as inhaber (a bit like the colonel of the regiment, but even if he was never there, a titular designation) i.e regimental chief, it was designated Kaiser Franz Grenadier Regiment . After the regiment had received on February 18, 1820 the guard rank, changed the name in Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment . On July 14, 1860, it was finally renamed Kaiser Franz Garde Grenadier Regiment No. 2 .
In 1820, the regiment was a garrison company of the Grenadier garrison battalion. In 1837 it was handed over as the 4th Company to the combined Guard Reserve (Ersatz) Battalion. In 1859, there were a few officers and men to form the 4th Guards Landwehr Regiment (later the 4th Guards Grenadier Regiment Konigen elizabet).


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