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Mauser Es 340
Target Rifle

Calibre .22
Serial No: 80167
Price: £Sold

Very Good Condition

A rare rifle in the UK, a single shot Mauser heavy barrel target rifle, this is the 1924 model.

By 1924 more Germans were joining newly created shooting clubs. Target shooters demanded heavy barrels with improved triggers & better sights, which was lacking on Mausers previous rifles, the Es340 addressed these issues following their competitors such as Geco, Diana, Haenel etc.

The Es340 had a heavier action with the sliding safety which makes this rifle distinctive from the later models,

The Es340 was made from 1924 to 1929 when it was replaced by the Es340N with the rotational safety

Comes complete with a leather adjustable sling, which has been with the rifle for many years

This example is in Very Good Condition including the bore