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Mosin Nagant M44
Serial No BO4628

Very Good Condition With a Good Shooting Grade Bore

As nearly all Mosin Nagant's, this example was refurbished post war.

This is the Russian made M44 Manufactured in 1944 at Izhevsk

The Izhevsk Arsenal was founded in 1942.

In 1943 some 50,000 trials carbines were built specifically for urban combat and tested in battle as the Soviet Army marched through Germany at the close of WWII.
They are essentially an M38 with an attached side-folding bayonet and were adopted in 1944 as the "7,62 mm Carbine, Model of the Year 1944",
commonly known as the M44.

The M44 is the only model of Mosin Nagant that was produced in significant quantities in the Soviet Union itself after WWII with production ending in 1948. It is also the model most widely duplicated by other countries during the Cold War. As with the M38, most production occurred at Izhevsk with Tula examples being less common and more sought after.

After WWII the Soviet Union shared much of its weapons technology with its satellite countries, including the Mosin rifles and carbines. M44s were produced in the 1950s by Hungary and other than minor differences these follow the same pattern as the post war Soviet M44s.

*** Note: The correct Variation for a Mosin Nagant is "7.62" or "7.62x54". A variation for a "7.62/308" is Not Valid For Mosin Nagants ***