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Small Arms Factory Lithgow
Model 12
Calibre 0.22
Sporting / Target Rifle
Price: £Sold

Very Good Condition

Slazenger Repeater Model 12 SAF Lithgow Australia

Production on the model 12 repeating rifle commenced in 1946 and ceased in 1955.

The rifle was supplied with a 6 or 10 round box magazine and as in other models the barrel was produced from proved barrel steel to the same spec as that used in service rifles. The one piece stock is made from scented satinwood. A modified version the 55 was produced 1955-1958 with a 5" shorter barrel.

After WW2 demand for military rifles almost stopped overnight, this was a venture by the Litghow Small Arms Factory to manufacture reasnably priced
target rifles to help keep the factory workers employed. The steel to make these rifles was the same as their Lee Enfield production.

They were well known for there acuracy and sold build quality, due perhaps to the heavy SMLE sized barrel they used.
They were retailed by Slazengers.

This example with the 10 round magazine is in Very Good Condition and has a very good shooting grade bore

Just been Proofed at the London Proof House

This would sit nicely in any Lee Enfield Collection