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Martini Enfield MkII
Calibre 0.303

Price: £800 - Sold

Very Good Condition

A really nice MkII Enfield Martini Conversion

This rifle was converted at Enfield to .303 in 1900. Originally a 1874 dated MkI Martini Henry, later upgraded to the MkII Martini Henry Pattern.

Profusely marked on the butt and the action with Australian Victoria Goverment ownership & sold out of service marks.

The breach block is correctly converted to .303, the rear sight also has matching serial number.

The Butt has various marking including the Enfield Roundel and MkII indicating Enfield MkII.

The butt still has the original MkI Martini Henry markings still slightly legible, there are regimental marks that I beleive are for one of the
South Lancashire Volunteer Regiments.

I have just had this rifle proofed as it only had the original military proof marks.

The bore has very strong rifling that has some loss of brightness, however it still gauges very tight at .304".

The sling is not original, but a reproduction example I have put on.

The Breach Block sprung split pin has been repalced with a screw arrangement, which appears to have been on the rifle for a very long time, I have left this
as is, because it may have been an original Australian military addition, the action and breach block have not been modified in any way so a standard hinge pin can be quickly installed

A Nice Collectors Example