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Standard Small Arms
SSA 1917
Price: £495

Very Good Condition

Standard Small Arms was founded during the First World War with the primary aim of supplying complete service rifles to the War Department to supplement the output of; BSA, Royal Small Arms Enfield and LSA. SSA was part of the 'Peddled Scheme' where,various companies across the UK would make various component parts, and these would be assembled into finished rifles by SSA. The company had a troubled existince and was taken over in 1918 by the Ministry of Munitions and renamed the National Rifle Factory No. 1.

The company never achieved it's aims completely but did eventually manage to produce some complete rifles with the aid of the Royal Small Arms at Enfield. The quantities produced were a lot less than the other companies (approximately 200,000 SSA SMLEs for example) and are marked in a different manner. On the butt socket strap there is the Crown and model of the rifle but no maker's name. This is located on the left hand rear of the receiver and is either simply, SSA or NRF.

This is the standard MkIII* .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by SSA in 1917

The NRF & SSA Rifles are commonly referred to as the Peddled Scheme Rifle.

This rifle has been marked for (DP) Drill Purpose at some time in its life then FTRd in 1953 by BSA for a foreign Goverment.

Good Shooting Grade Bore

As you would expect on a Post War FTRd rifle, the action, barrel, fore-end etc have matching numbers