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J.P. Sauer Model 1930 Pistol
Calibre: 7.65mm
Serial No 195107
Price: £400

Serial Number Range Approximately 163000 – 200700

This is an exceptionally fine example with great grips.

Pre - War Security Service / Private Purchase

The Model 1930 was an update of the models of 1913,26,29 and was produced concurrently with the Behoerden Model.

In the 1928-1929 time period the Model 1913 design was improved. The new gun was named the Model 1930. The internal design of the lockwork remains the same as on the Model 1913. The grip has a coil spring (instead of the earlier flat spring) at the rear to tension the sear and magazine release. The grip is reshaped to be more ergonomic and fit the hand better. The magazine latch is redesigned to be pushed to the rear to release the magazine. This also required the magazine to be redesigned, and so the Model 1913 magazine cannot be used in the Model 1930. The slide holdopen mechanism of the last variation of the 1913 and the 1926 Export model is retained, though the trigger is redesigned so that it does not sit in the back of the trigger guard when the gun is uncocked.
A magazine safety is introduced, which prevents the gun from firing when the magazine is not in place.
Early guns retain the integral half-moon front sight of the Model 1913, but later models were available with a drift-adjustable front sight dovetailed into the raised portion of the slide top.
The serial number is moved to the grip tang on the right side of the frame.

They were widely used by the Dutch Military, and the Dutch Navy and Police as well, however the largest user was the Nazi Police.

This is a top example of a very well made and designed pistol that saw significant service during the Second World War era

Suitable for Section 7.1 or Section 5