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Webley MkIV Revolver
Calibre 0.455
Serial No: 114524
Price: £550

The MkIV Webley was approved in 1899 and continued in production mostly unchnaged until December 1913 with the introduction of the MkV.

The MkIV is known as the Boar War Model due to the large numbers issued to British Troops engaged in the South African War during 1899 & 1902.

This example has Edwardian military Proofs which dates it somewere between the latter part of the Boar War upto 1910.

There is a clearly defined Arabic marking which I have yet to identify, but we did supply arms to all of the British Empire, the
frame & barrel both have sold out of service marks

This mark of revolver was used right up to & during WW2

The grips are in good condition, but do have some delamintaion, which is indication it has been in very hot climates at some point.

Very Good Condition Including The Bore - Matching Serial Numbers

Suitable for Section 7.1 or 7.3