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Mauser Model 1908 Rifle
Brazilian Contract
Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken
Serial No: 254
Calibre: 7x57mm


The Mauser Modelo 1908 long rifle became the standard infantry rifle for the Brazilian Army in 1908.

The rifles were produced in Germany by DWM, then owned by the Ludwig Loewe Company. DWM, in turn contracted some rifles out to Mauser Oberndorf, which was also
owned by Loewe at the time. The maker of any particular rifle can be determined by looking at the address – if Berlin, it is made by DWM. If Oberndorf, it is made by Mauser.
The DWM made rifles are more commonly encountered.

The contract ran from 1908 until the outbreak of war in 1914.

The rifles are essentially the same as the German Gew98 with the most obvious exception being the tang style sight employed in lieu of the Lange-Vernier sight used on the Gew98.
The stocks were made of walnut and retain the pre-1905 Gew98 style stock washer as opposed to the bolt takedown disk then in use on the German issue rifles.

The 1908 Brazillian Mauser, alongside the 1909 Argentine Mauser, are to be the very finest of pre-WW1 German arms manufacturing

A nice example of a 1908 Mauser.
Matching Numbers - Except barrel that looks to be a service replacement

Bore Good Condition - Head Space Verified & Gauges at the lower limit