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Enfield 1918

Irish Fianna Fáil Marked
Calibre .303
Serial No I21168
Price: £600

Very Good Condition

This is the standard MkIII* .303 SMLE rifle manufactured by the RSAF Enfield in 1918

This rifle has neen renumbered at some point, the original numbers are barred out and has been re-numbered to I21168.

The last FF marked SMLE I had was nearly identical to this one with a rebarrel date 1938 & also renumbered

As war was looming the large store of war reserve stocks were being prepared, this example is typical of the programmes in 1938/39 where many were rebarreled. This rifle was rebarreled in 1938 as marked on the left side of the barrel.

This is a nice standard MkIII* SMLE and the icing on the cake is the FF marks denoting Irish ownership.

A nice rifle that has an excellent bore.