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Mauser K98
Mauser - 1938
Calibre 7.92x57mm
Serial No: 4181
Price: £1400 - Sold

Composed Sniper Rifle

A 7.92x57mm 'K98' Bolt-Magazine Service Rifle by Mauser.

In standard service configuration, bolt-head flag-safety (a Parker Hale type replacement) that allows ease of use because off the scope, thumb-recess and charger-guide, the receiver-ring dated 1938 and stamped S/243, recoil-blocks, the stock (numbered 4181) with steel butt-plate, reproduction correct pattern sling, bayonet lug with M48 bayonet and scabbard, cleaning rod.

Receiver side-mounted telescope-sight mount-rail mounted with a period German C.P Goerz of Berlin scope with post & cross wide sniper reticule.

Available End of January