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Schmidt Rubin
Model 1889
7.5 x 53.5mm
Serial No: 89063
Date: 1892

Obsolete Calibre.

This example is in Very Good Condition

Comes with an Original Pattern 1889 Matching Bayonet

Manufactured in 1891, matching numbers on the Bolt, Magazine & Action etc

Very Good bore, comes with original 1889 bayonet

Serial No Range for 1892: (24901 - 115000)

The bayonet is an original un-altered model 1889, most were altered with a rivet that was added to the fuller to help retain the bayonet in the scabbard

Officially adopted in 1889, the Schmidt-Rubin Model 1889 was the result of several years of testing.
In 1882 Eduard Rubin began testing the first small-caliber copper-jacketed bullet which could successfully withstand high velocities.

In 1885, this round was combined with Rudolf Schmidt's first straight-pull action.

The straight-pull action relied upon an actuating rod, set in a channel to the right of the breech, to rotate the bolt though a
helical channel cut in the bolt sleeve. Twin locking lugs were positioned midway through the bolt sleeve, locking the bolt into the receiver
directly above the trigger.

Over the next three years both the rifle design and cartridge were refined. The final result was adopted on June 26, 1889.
The Model 1889 was chambered for the 7.5x53.5 round (GP90) with a 213 grain paper patched round producing
a velocity of 1935fps. The cartridges were held in a detachable magazine holding 12 rounds.
Production ceased in 1897, with approximately 211,890 rifles being produced.


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